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Why is it a shame for the Japanese people that Prince and Princess Akishino attending the coronation ceremony?

 Prince and Princess Akishino of Japan have intercepted and claimed the "Coronation Ceremony Invitation" intended for Their Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. The Japanese government, the Imperial Household Agency, and the media are supporting the Akishinos’ in this endeavor. However, their attendance not only brings shame upon Japan but also upon the United Kingdom and the British monarch.

The reason for this is that the Akishino family has been involved in several disgraceful actions, which have been exposed on social media and in weekly magazines and newspapers. Here are some examples that seem to be relevant to both the United Kingdom and its people: The following are related articles from British media outlets.

  • There are allegations similar to Prince Andrew's Epstein scandal (involving underage prostitution).
  • They allegedly imported capybaras for experimentation purposes but instead barbecued them and served them at a party. This violates the Washington Convention.
  • The British newspapers and magazines reported that the eldest son of Prince Akishino won an award with a plagiarized essay but did not return the prize. This disgraceful act is not acceptable, even for a young person.
  • ◯ “Prince Hisahito of Japan ‘copied guidebook’ for award-winning essay” (The Times, February 23 2022)

    ◯ “Japan's 15-year-old prince to keep literary award despite plagiarism row” (The Telegraph, 23 February 2022)

    ◯ “Prince Hisahito of Japan accused of plagiarism in award-winning essay”

    (Royal Central, 22nd February 2022)

    ◯ “Japan’s heir to the throne accused of plagiarism for essay that won runners-up prize” (Tatler, 23 February 2022)